Director Message


Dear Students, Parents, and Well-Wishers It gives me immense pleasure to pen down few words as a preface to our school which gives a glimpse of what Mount Carmel School Baijnath is all about.

The management and staff of M.C.S. aim at and strive hard to provide holistic formation to the wards entrusted to us. M.C.S Baijnath is envisaged to be a center for excellence in education placing due stress on the holistic and simultaneous growth and development of the student’s physical, intellectual, psychological, social and spiritual realms of life. The students are encouraged to be learners first i.e. to explore and to reach out and seek out answers! The teachers are instructed and motivated to update themselves and to be innovative in their teaching endeavor so as to facilitate the process of learning. The Management is ever ready and committed to provide a dynamic and broad spectrum suitable to create a learning environment to our students.

The ethos of this institution is well inscribed on its motto ‘Truth Liberates You’!!! M.C.S. Baijnath aims at forming our future citizens to be honest, tolerant, accountable, inclusive, socially responsible and integral personalities; who are equipped with skills to adapt to the changing needs of the global environment.

Seeking the whole-hearted support of each one of you in our endeavor to make this institution a true temple of learning through our diligence, devotion, and dedication to the cause we are committed to.

Yours Sincerely in Carmel